"Le Bol Chantant"

"Man is a tree.

Its roots draw on the Earth all their strength; Its branches and leaves are connected to the sky. When these two poles talk freely, the energy flows. "  Gwenn Liboudan

ltered from the perpetual movement and the outside agitation, behind big velvet curtains, Laurence welcomes you for a trip like no other ... It's at the sound of the "Bol Chantant"  that the journey begins ... as an invitation to prepare for deep relaxation.
Then Laurence accompanies you, listens to you vibrate, touches you, feels, and the alchemy takes place. Your whole body beats again at the same rate, adjusted to the lung of the Earth, adjusted to that of the sky.
As a path to self, a realignment, a re-movement.
Trained on the other side of the Earth, Laurence will take care to make this moment unique and to share with you her love for essential oils: sweet almond oil, juniper, marjoram, petit grain, Ylang ylang, rosemary, ... .Synergies that she uses with care to massage you. A sensory journey and know-how from New Zealand that envelop you with all their energies and refocus you with yourself.

A floral breath again making the link between the bottom and the top.

∞ Hotel Les Fuchsias at Saint Vaast la Hougue Cotentin

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